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Average Guy Experiences, created in 2012 founded by DJ Wharton, alleviates the stress of booking tickets for your next sporting event or performance. Direct contact with the founder, advisement on best seating options and prices are available to the average Guy or Woman. We focus on creating memories and offering great experiences at an attainable price.


"Price is what you pay, value is what you get."

Average Guy Experiences, provides a wide range of sporting events and concerts at several venues in the metropolitan area. We are geared to the socialites and entertainment circle. Our approach consist of creating a relationship with the founder that works to tailor your needs, budget, and reality to an exceptional experience.



Premium ticketing available for:

  • Indiana Pacers

  • Phoenix Suns

  • Portland Trailblazers

  • Milwaukee Bucks

  • Charlotte Hornets

  • Los Angeles Clippers

  • Atlanta Hawks

  • Philadelphia 76ers

  • Brooklyn Nets

Average Guy Experience provides accommodations which includes premium seating & access to the best food and opportunities to interact with the players & other celebrity guests. #AverageGuyExperience

***Certain teams offer meet and greet experiences with your favorite players***



Premium Ticketing Available For:

  • Atlanta Falcons

  • Miami Dolphins

  • LA Rams

Average Guy Experience bring the excitement of the game within realistic reach. Average Guy Experience provides seating that make you feel like you're on the field. #AverageGuyExperience

***Certain teams offer meet and greet experiences with your favorite players***

Private Jet Experiences


Average Guy Experience offers your Private Jet experiences. Which can all be reserved with a simple request. For all Private Jet experiences contact DJ Wharton for available destination cities as a last minute route to fly comfortably. #AverageGuyExperience



Average Guy Experience makes dreams a reality by providing Access to A-List Events. Imagine sitting amongst your favorite celebrities from any genre. Truly a priceless experience! #AverageGuyExperience


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