FEARLESS BASKETBALL- How to Play Basketball With Courage and Confidence



Perfection is not the goal. You will make mistakes on the court. You will miss shots. Over attention to perfection will create fears in decision making and hesitation. If you can’t ever make a mistake, you can’t play basketball.

Get over what other people think. Caring too much if your coach believes in you or if your teammates respect you is a waste of time. Stop worrying about this and play ball. Get your eyes off yourself and the respect will follow without you having to try so hard to earn it.

Don't imagine the worst. Live in the present. Fear happens when we imagine what might happen. Don’t tell stories in your mind that lead to fear, loss or failure. Keep your mind on the here and now.

Visualize. Visualization is a powerful tool when done well. Use your imagination and work to script a powerful future outcome. Imagination requires mental toughness.

Compete. Don’t fear losing. Give everything you got. Get your eyes off the outcome and stay immersed in the competitive tenacity of the journey. Battle, get tough, and  don’t get pushed around. Stay strong, stay focused and compete well.

Dig deep. Challenges are par for the course if you want to be great. If you get knocked down, get up quickly. If the refs are obviously against you, mentally say, “Bring it on.”or “I can rise above.” If the coach doesn’t believe in your game, work smarter. If you waste time with video games or your phone, give them up.

You don’t get any guarantees. Don’t waste time on speculating if you will reach your dreams, that’s time away from the mental discipline needed to work your plan. Great people have invested time and talent and it didn’t work out. Love the daily grind and your future will be bright.